Getting Closer to เทคนิค บาคาร่า (Baccarat Technique)


Baccarat is an old casino game that already exists from the late 19th century. Its popularity is lasting until today. May you remember the old movie showing some gentleman grouping and playing the game with cigarettes on their mouth and beautiful ladies in their lap? Yes, they are playing Baccarat in that movie. Including the famous one like James Bond is playing this game too.

Most people are quite confused and cannot differentiate between the poker game and Baccarat. You may find several terms like the flush, full-house, and many more in the poker game. That is typical of a poker card game. In Baccarat, you will not find those terms because this game aims to find the players who are owning score as much as nine in their hand or the number that closest to nine.

When we are talking about Baccarat, we simply need to talk about the statistic and the เทคนิค บาคาร่า (Baccarat technique) in-game as well. Hence, withinside the bellow section, you can get the information about it while you play the internet baccarat in SLOTBAR888:

Natural possibilities

The natural possibilities refer to the possibilities you could get in natural procedures even as playing the game. The chance is 1/13. The 13 in this explanation refer to the entire gambling playing cards withinside the deck.

Non-natural four-card possibilities

In this possibility, you now no need to draw more playing cards if you have already got the gambling cards with the entire range as six or seven. You can choose to ‘steady’ if you get that situation and do not want to make any extra movements or draws in each different term.

The 5th card

Fifth, gambling playing cards are a situation while you do not get the ideal range as six or seven on your first draw from the banker. The solution is you need to draw more playing cards until you get the range seven, eight, or perhaps nine. If you cannot get the number, you can keep it to draw until you get the right variety.

Online multi-table baccarat room


What is online Baccarat? Why Thai people like to play the most?

Online Baccarat is a shape or embodiment of the old casino card game that evolved into the digital form and playable over the internet. The gameplay offered by this online casino baccarat is the same as the conventional one. You have to one on one with the banker and determine which side has the best cards, which has the highest score as nine, or the hands that are owning the closest number to nine.

Most people were found some difficulties in determining the gameplay and the rules in playing the online Baccarat before. But today, the information regarding the gameplay, rule, and anything else related to this online casino game can be easily accessed on the internet as the blogs and the video tutorial on YouTube. The material that was explained is quite digestible and clear. Now, let’s get back to the first question. Why are people in Thailand so much love gambling at online Baccarat? Well, the answer is simple. In Thailand, they can join with the biggest online casino platform named SLOTBAR888. What is SLOTBAR888? SLOTBAR888 is an online casino platform that is focusing its service on providing the best place to play online, Baccarat. This platform is based in Thailand. This fact can support the argumentation of why people in Thailand quite love and mastering the online baccarat game.

SLOTBAR888 is a success to be the favorite platform for the people in Thailand. Moreover, they are evolved as the biggest online casino platform that is serving vast players in the world, including you and me. The bonuses offered by this online casino platform are quite large. Starting from the welcome bonus, daily bonus, and also the special bonus.

The welcome bonus can be described as the bonus that you can claim at the very beginning you join this platform. The welcome bonus you can get is free credit 100 Baht or free online formulas to win the game.

While for the daily bonuses, you can get the 1% rebate bonus from the total amount of your credits in the deposit box. The bigger your credits, the bigger your bonus. For example, you own 10.000 Baht credit in your deposit box, the 1% of that credit surely be 100 baht, which means that you will get your bonus of 100 Baht every day as long as you can keep your credit stable in 10.000 or more. If you are able to get 400 Baht from your bonus rebate, you will be automatically getting the bonus free spin at the fortune wheel. By spinning this wheel, you can get the chance to obtain free credit, free formulas, or get a free match.

With those advantages, it is normal for people in Thailand to be addicted to playing online Baccarat because they always get this privilege and get a lower chance of being bankrupt.

Baccarat gameplay

The gameplay in Baccarat is considerably easy. All you have to do is just face the banker and beat them by getting the cards that are having the maximum score of nine or a score that close to nine-point.

The scoring for the cards is quite simple. Aces will be counted as one point, while the number cards starting from two to nine. The face cards like the Jack, King, and Queen are counted as ten or zero. Any number that is having a score of more than nine will be reset, and the last digit of the number will determine the score. For example, the eight and nine, if combined, will be seventeen. While seventeen is an invalid score in Baccarat. So, that pair will be counted as seven. So do with the face cards. Face cards are having a point of 10, and it will automatically become zero.

You can choose to place your money at the player, banker, tie, pair player, and pair banker for the betting. In this part, you should watch the possibilities carefully. Avoid making some mistakes, and I can guarantee that you can win a lot of money from the online Baccarat.