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Can someone recommend a theater show that will appeal to my boyfriend? We are going to Milwaukee to celebrate our anniversary. As a surprise I want to see a theater show with him while we are there. Unlike me, he doesn’t like musicals, although I wonder if he would e survive again in the last theater show we’ve watched. He isn’t really into musicals or theatres at all, but as I am going to a football game with him, he will have to join with me in the theater. Thank you so much in advance!

I am also into theater plays as I’ve worked there before and I’m always looking for shoes that both my boyfriend and I will enjoy. Since your boyfriend doesn’t like musical, This Is Our Youth Broadway is my top recommendation. It’s a hit TV series from the 80’s that goes in Broadway.

He sounds similar to me I have never been into plays or musicals, however, due to my work we go to Broadway every time we have a business trip. We see at least one show and I’ve watched many musical shows. But if you want something new I recommend to watch This Is Our Youth Broadway, a non-musical play. For sure, he will not get bored.

If he enjoys 80’s shows just at least a little bit, then I would definitely suggest This Is Our Youth Broadway. We’ve been in Milwaukee and watched the show with several guys a few years back and although no one was interested in the least in going to a musical, still, we all loved it!

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