You are very much welcome in visiting our website. Tickets Theater is one of the biggest online sellers of theater tickets in Wisconsin since 1995. This Is Our Youth is our featured theater play for this month. It has been adapted from a hit TV series in 80’s were the story is all about the ups and downs in the lives of three college friends in New York. Watching this show will capture your interest. It is fun and great to watch with your friends. To get your tickets, kindly send an email to We will promptly respond to all of your queries.

If you have any suggestions and concerns, please send it to Your messages are appreciated and we consider it as a huge help to enhance the performances of the actors and playwrights of the show.

Once again, we thank you for visiting Tickets Theater. We hope you enjoy watching all the live theater performances and we also hope for your support of the actors and playwrights.

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