Ticket Theaters was established in 1995 featuring online theater ticketing and phone sales through calls and email for every Broadway show in Wisconsin. Tickets Theater is owned and operated by Robert Smith, the leading developer, producer, and distributor of Broadway Theatre in Wisconsin and is committed to building a platform dedicated to each and every type of theatrical business including stage show licensing, production and investment. Our mission is to show to the new generation how the world of theater plays are amazing and fun. Tickets Theater presents upper-class touring Broadway musicals and plays such as all the Disney smash hits, 80’s hit TV series This Is Our Youth and other live events throughout Wisconsin.

Our website also offers consumer and corporate gift certificates. Broadway.com’s ticketing services target both traveler consumers and Wisconsin’s area theater patrons. In addition to our offers, the website also contains the complete details of theater shows, including the latest news, interviews with actors and playwrights, a little preview of the show, opening coverage, forum, and reviews. We suggest to sign up for our newsletter in order for you to receive the latest news and updates of our theater plays. We also show the current box office results every month, synopsis of the shows, credits and biographies of the actor’s playwrights, and in-depth Theater Awards coverage.

You may want to check out all the pages we have available to you. If you are still stumped, just email us for further details. To view a copy of our Ticket Reseller License applicable to the operation of this website, please message us anytime through email. To subscribe to our newsletter, kindly fill up the form and submit to us, an automatic confirmation will be sent to you. Signing up is free and will always be. Thank you for reading our short story.

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